2019 US National Team

The Racketlon World Championships were held in Leipzig, Germany, from November 19th-24th. Team USA was presented by five fierce competitors. The US finished 4th in the Challenger Cup. Meet Team USA below:

Patrick Moran – Captain 
2nd World Championship Appearance
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Sport(s): Any and all racket sports
Katrin Maldre
3rd World Championship Appearance
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Sport(s): Table Tennis & Tennis 
Emil Patel 
2nd World Championship Appearance
Hometown: East Hanover, NJ
Sport: Squash
Steve de Luca 
1st World Championship Appearance 
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Sport(s): Badminton, Squash & Tennis
Shree Dhond
1st World Championship Appearance 
Hometown: Easton, CT
Sport: Table Tennis 

2018 US National Team

In 2018, the US sent their 2nd ever team to the World Team Championships in Zurich, Switzerland. We beat teams from France and Switzerland. Sadly, we were defeated by the eventual winners of our Division (the Netherlands). However, we were proud of the results and look forward to being even stronger in the years to come! It is also worth noting, our very own, Katrin Maldre won the title for O-55 Women’s World Champion!


From left to right; Tatum LeClair, Shona Kerr, Patrick Moran, Emil Patel, Katrin Maldre, Vabuk Pahari and Mary Gu (not pictured).

2012 US National Team

This was the first ever US National Team and they came 11th overall at the Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. Check out this article to read more about their success.


Team members included Shona Kerr, head squash coach; Tim Schade, Robert Troyer, Max Bevilacqua, Ethan Moritz and Katrin Maldre (not pictured).