2022 World TEAM Champs in the Challenge Cup!!!

US NATIONAL TEAM secured their first team medal and it’s golden!

The national team took out Romania, Great Britain, and Hong Kong in an epic final during the World Team Championships in Austria! We are so proud! Check out the brief interview conducted by the European Union.

Who are we and how to get in touch?

Welcome to USA Racketlon! If you are interested in playing, hosting a tournament, or just learning more about Racketlon in the US and across the world, you are in the right place.

Drop us a line via the contact page or send us an email directly, usaracketlon@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

For the latest news, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages. For global news check out racketlon.net, their Instagram, and Facebook.

What is Racketlon?

It is an amazing sport for all racket sports enthusiasts. In Racketlon, you play your opponent in TABLE TENNIS, BADMINTON, SQUASH, and TENNIS. Each sport is played to 21 points: the player with the most points across all four sports wins the match. Every point matters! All Racketlon tournaments have classes for all abilities and ages, they are open to everyone: from beginners to elite players.

It is common for players to first come to Racketlon with experience in only 1 of the 4 sports. However, racket sport athletes are able to pick up the basics of all the sports very quickly and after their first tournament, soon catch the Racketlon bug and find themselves eager to improve in all the sports at their local clubs!

Where to play

Racketlon is played all over the world with events for all ages and abilities.

World Tour Tournaments

US Tournaments

Canadian Tournaments


Racketlon began in Finland over 30 years ago and has continued to grow across the globe. Some say Fred Perry was the initial pioneer of Racketlon. He was the world table tennis champion in 1929 and won Wimbledon in the 30’s.

In the US there have been a number of local tournaments over the years. Cliff Wenn organized a tournament at the Maugus club in 2007. Tim Bacon, former squash coach at Smith, hosted a small “taster” tournament in 2009. Shona Kerr, head squash coach at Wesleyan University, even has a Racketlon class! A tournament was also organized at the University of Oregon in 2012 as a fundraiser.

The first officially sanctioned tournament in the US was held in April of 2017 at Smith College in Northampton, MA. The tournament was held for its 3rd consecutive year in 2019. Check out the most recent results. It will be back in April 2020!

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